Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Create Your Virtual Office With These Great Discount Links

Creating a virtual office doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some of my favorite discount links that I use for my own business.
  1. Ring Central - Local Numbers, Virtual PBX, Dial-by-name directory, Call Forwarding, Auto attendant, Real Time Call Control, Fax send and receive, Outlook Integration.
  2. - $7.49 .com Domain Names
  3. - $1.99 Web Hosting
  4. The Logo Company - Develop a professional, high-quality logo in minutes for just a fraction of the cost of a custom logo.
  5. - Create professional looking, custom signs, banners, magnets, etc.
  6. Office Supplies
  7. Ink and Toner
  8. Intuit QuickBooks - Great software options for your business and payroll.
  9. Carbonite Online Backup
  10. iContact Email Marketing
  11. Smart Phones - AT&T, Verizon...Android, Blackberry...
  12. Save $100’s on Microsoft and Adobe Products - Largest selections of software in the nation and they sell at the guaranteed lowest price - up to 80% off the normal retail price! Must have a qualified student for purchases.
  13. H&R Block - Save 25% Off Of Your Tax Preparation Fees.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's All About The People

Being a Realtor is an interesting job to say the least. It's not about the houses that we see or how many that we sell. It's not about the sea of foreclosures that are priced to sell as quickly as they are listed. It's all about the people. The people that we represent are the reason why we do what we do. It's the late night phone calls from buyers that happened to be spending their date night driving around looking at houses as they call to ask for a little bit of information to lead them in the right direction. How many Realtors do you know that will answer their phone on a Friday night at 9:30, just because? On the other end of that phone are people that are excited about their future. They are excited about the opportunity that they have for their family. Taking a step toward a life that leads them to a new beginning. Whether it is their first home for starting their family or it's the home that they plan to retire in, it represents something more than just a place to live. It's all about the people that will live there and how they plan on enjoying their lives together. There are many steps to being able to buy a home. Some people have just a few steps, while others have many. I choose everyday to walk with those people. At the end of the day, I know that it is truly all about the people. It is their joy that is the reward in doing this job. The people make it all worth it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a Great Time for Housing Deals

Paying off an underwater mortgage and buying a better home could be the best tactic in this troubled market.

"If you are trading up, what better time than when interest rates are at record lows and the cost of the trade-up is much less than it used to be?" says Christopher J. Mayer, a Columbia Business School economist.

With 15-year fixed-rate mortgages at about 4.5 percent, it also makes sense to pay off the mortgage and keep the house. "At this point," says Jay Brinkmann, chief economist of the Mortgage Bankers Association in Washington, D.C., "if they don't have anything else that is bringing a tremendous return, then they are buying themselves an annuity by paying their house off sooner than they needed to."

Source: The Wall Street Journal, M.P. McQueen (07/24/2010)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Listing Your Home To Sell - Is Now The Right Time?

So you have heard all of the media reports about the real estate market. Foreclosures are at record levels. Buyers aren’t buying. Homeowners have lost all of their equity in their homes. Now what? Tired of waiting for a green light?

This market is about perception. This is truly an unprecedented time in history. Home prices and low interest rates make home ownership more affordable than ever. The opportunity to upgrade your home is even more lucrative. If the negative equity that is perceived by sellers is rolled into their next purchase, not only will they gain more equity by percentage when the market does recover, but they will be enjoying the rewards of the systematic failure of the financial crisis by purchasing a home with more amenities and upgrades. In the end, you win!

Now that you have decided to sell, where do you turn? Do you choose a company or do you choose an agent? Just choosing a company based on its reputation does not mean that you will get an agent with the same work ethic as the next. Be diligent during your selection process. It may be necessary to interview two agents from the same company, because all agents are not created equal.

Aside from that, marketing your home is the key to your success in this or any other market. Compare each agent and company by what they will do to market your home to what they will earn in commission in return. Is it fair to you…and to them? You want your agent to be motivated to sell your house as much as you want to sell it. Essentially that is the goal…to get your home sold, not just stick a sign in the yard. What goes into selling your home after the sign goes into the yard is what separates one agent from the next.

My approach is to have a balanced marketing plan in comparison to the commission for each listing. My goal is not to leave the dining room table with the highest commission that I can get from the seller. My goal is to establish a fair working relationship where both parties are comfortable with the outcome. I offer buyer representation discounts for both sides of the transaction, on top of charging a fair commission. I strive to make it a favorable experience for the seller, so that their last memory of their home is not of their Realtor walking away with their equity at closing.

Sellers deserve the best opportunity to sell their home and that is what I provide to them.

Serving Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas – Tony Wilson – Keller Williams Realty

Friday, July 2, 2010

Indianapolis Area Investment Opportunities

Indianapolis Area Investment Opportunities

Cash Flow Properties Available

Become an investing partner of the Wilson Home Team and receive the best opportunity to invest in Indy. Our partners receive an exclusive investment opportunity unmatched by any other real estate company.

If you are looking for cash flow properties to add to your portfolio, we can provide you with the volume of homes in a timely manner to meet your investment goals. No matter what type of investment model that you choose, we can provide the properties that you are seeking. Choosing a less stringent model will produce a higher volume of available properties, whereas a more stringent model will take more time to find the right properties to fit that model. No matter which investment model you choose, the Wilson Home Team stands ready to produce the results that you need.

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